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American Red Cross
Find out about each of the services we provide: Armed Forces Emergency Services, Biomedical, Disaster, Health & Safety, International, Youth Involvement, and Volunteering.
Created on Fri, Oct 9 1998. Updated on Fri, Jan 15 1999.
6th Floor
8111 Gatehouse Rd.
Falls Church, VA 22042
United States

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Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center
Puerto Rican community based organization, which promotes cultural pride, artistic development and world cultural diversity. Workshops, classes, and opportunities for artistic expression, exhibitions, and cultural exchanges are offered.
Created on Tue, Oct 17 2000. Updated on Fri, Sep 25 2015.
1632 N. Milwaukee
Chicago, IL 60647
United States
Tels: 773-235-3988 Fax: 773-235-8080

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The Jatibonicu Taino Tribal Nation of Boriken
The official tribal Government web site of the Jatibonicu Taino Tribal Nation of Puerto Rico. We are recognized as the first American Indian people to greet and meet with Christopher Columbus in Puerto Rico on November 19, 1493.
Created on Sun, Apr 24 2005. Updated on Tue, Dec 5 2017.
Vineland, NJ 08360
United States
Tels: 856-207-8568

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Volunteer Latin America
The best source of affordable and worthwhile voluntary work opportunities in Latin America.
Created on Sat, Nov 12 2005. Updated on Sat, Oct 5 2013.
P.O. Box 465
East Sussex
Brighton, UK BN50 9AT
United Kingdom
Tels: +44(0)20 7193 9

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Catholic Relief Services Updated!
We are one of the most efficient organizations in the world. Did you know that 93 percent of the money we spend goes directly to programs that benefit the poor overseas?
Created on Sat, Jan 16 2010. Updated on Sat, May 11 2019.
228 W. Lexington St.
Baltimore, MD 21201-3413
United States
Tels: 888-277-7575

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AARP is a membership organization dedicated to enhancing the experience of aging through advocacy, information, and services.
Created on Mon, Oct 18 2004. Updated on Tue, Jun 13 2017.
601 E St., NW
Washington, DC 20049
United States
Tels: 1-888-687-2277

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The Salvation Army
The Salvation Army is an integral part of the Christian Church, although distinctive in government and practice. The Army's doctrine follows the mainstream of Christian belief and its articles of faith emphasise God's saving purposes...
Created on Fri, Oct 9 1998. Updated on Fri, Mar 19 1999.
London, UK
United Kingdom

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Planeta Feliz Facebook Logo Twitter Logo Updated!
Non-profit organization dedicated to help create a happier and sustainable world through education, medical care, small business development, structural work and humanitarian assistance -one family, one community at a time.
Created on Mon, Feb 9 2015. Updated on Fri, May 10 2019.
P.O. Box 260066
Miami, FL 33126
Tels: 305-343-5388

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care is an international consortium of 12 member countries, dedicated to the worldwide reduction of poverty. care is one of the largest international relief and development organization, employing more than 12,000 staff worldwide.
Created on Sun, Jan 2 2005. Updated on Thu, Apr 18 2019.
151 Ellis Street, NE
Atlanta, GA 30303-2440
United States
Tels: 1-800-521-CARE, 1-404-681-2552 Fax: 1-404-577-5977

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Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Jamaica

U.S. Virgin Islands, Virgin Islands (Br), Trinidad and Tobago
Central America:
Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador
South America:
Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela
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