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Citizens' Educational Foundation US
A non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to the decolonization of Puerto Rico through a Congress lead mechanism, by which the people of Puerto Rico can decide their political destiny.
Created on Thu, Aug 5 2004. Updated on Sun, Jul 27 2008.
513 Capitol Court, N.E., Suite 200
Washington, DC 20002
United States
Tels: 877-423-3697, 202-546-3060 Fax: 202-546-3380

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Bandera Roja
Produced by the workers socialist movement of P.R. Information on Socialism.
Created on Thu, May 8 1997. Updated on Mon, Jul 21 2014.
San Juan, PR

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Puerto Rico Herald
The voice of Puerto Rico Self-Determination. A pro statehood site.
Created on Thu, Jul 10 1997. Updated on Thu, Nov 1 2012.
San Juan, PR

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Frente Unido Descolonizador ?40
Entidad cívica no partidaria, sin fines de lucro y con participación enteramente voluntaria, que se dedicará a la búsqueda de una solución final y firme al centenario problema colonial de Puerto Rico.
Created on Wed, Apr 28 2010. Updated on Sun, Feb 20 2011.
San Juan, PR

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Puerto Rico-USA Citizenship Foundation
A web page dedicated to celebrate, honor, protect and preserve the relationship of Puerto Rico and the United States of America and the American Citizenship of all the people residing in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.
Created on Tue, Oct 13 1998. Updated on Fri, Apr 16 2010.
San Juan, PR

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Americans for Puerto Rican Statehood
APRS members are residents of the United States who believe that the 3.8 million U.S. citizens residing in Puerto Rico deserve the same rights and privileges as their fellow citizens residing in the fifty-states.
Created on Sun, Jul 18 2004. Updated on Wed, Jul 14 2004.
Washington, DC
United States

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Mujeres Por Puerto Rico
Por la inserción y participación protagónica de la mujer en el quehacer político y social en Puerto Rico.
Created on Thu, Jul 5 2007. Updated on Tue, Aug 14 2007.
Rosario 219
Norte Plaza 404
San Juan, PR 00912

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