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Coralactions, Inc.
CORALATIONS is committed to preserving as much of the healthy coral reef ecosystem as is possible.
Created on Tue, Aug 20 1996. Updated on Tue, Jun 15 2010.
San Juan, PR

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Management Solutions
Training & Consulting Services for your Business
Created on Sat, Nov 2 2002. Updated on Thu, Nov 13 2008.
Lago Icaco DU-9
Toa Baja, PR 00949
Tels: 787-348-9772

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Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS).
Created on Sat, Mar 6 1999. Updated on Thu, Jul 4 2013.
Matadero Av. Corner C St.
Mario Juliá Industrial Park
San Juan, PR 00920
Tels: 787-774-0949, 787-774-0700 Fax: 787-774-0723

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RLDA Surveying & Mapping
maintains complete functionability with Intergraph Microstation version 5.0. Using four Intergraph Microstationes and Siteworkss software, complete civil/site work can be generated and submitted using any compatible file formats.
Created on Sat, Nov 21 1998. Updated on Wed, Sep 25 2019.
1959 Calle Loiza, Suite 402
San Juan, PR 00911
Tels: 787-268-6097 Fax: 787-726-6536

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Pharma-Bio Serv Inc.
Offers a full range of Validation & Qualification Services and Technology Transfer based on the latest FDA guidelines, Regulatory Compliance Quality Systems and day to day process support.
Created on Thu, Apr 26 2001. Updated on Mon, Jun 12 2017.
373 Méndez Vigo, Suite 110
Dorado, PR 00646
Tels: 787-278-2709

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Fire Control Corporation
Distributor of fire suppression and control products.
Created on Wed, Sep 1 2004. Updated on Mon, Dec 3 2012.
P.O. Box 192076
San Juan, PR 00919-2076
Tels: 787-793-6060

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GEODEC is a consulting and services firm specializing in geospatial analysis, specifically those dealing with environmental conservation issues. We use the technologies of remote sensing, GIS and GPS. We serve P.R., Latin America and the Caribbean.
Created on Mon, Nov 24 2003. Updated on Wed, Jan 29 2014.
P.O. Box 6680
Mayagüez, PR 00680-6680
Tels: 787-645-0257

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Rubberband, LLP Facebook Logo Twitter Logo
A transformation design studio... Our services go from creation of accessible websites for the blind, to exhibitions, book and typography designs...
Created on Sun, Jul 15 2012. Updated on Mon, Jul 27 2015.
San Juan, PR

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CSA Architects & Engineers
Provides integrated architecture, engineering, planning, environmental and construction project management services to industrial, commercial, residential, and institutional clients.
Created on Wed, Nov 13 1996. Updated on Mon, Dec 15 2008.
San Juan, PR

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SonoMed Bio, Inc.
We provide Biomedical services to private offices, hospitals, clinics and laboratories. We repair and give preventive maintenance to almost all medical equipment. Please contact us for a free onsultant visit.
Created on Wed, Oct 30 2002. Updated on Fri, Oct 25 2019.
PMB 111
P.O. Box 607086
Bayamón, PR 00960-7080
Tels: 787-949-9076 Fax: 787-869-9076

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Multi Services and Sales Group, Inc.
Company dedicated to the sale of products and services related to calibration standards and instrumentation.
Created on Fri, Mar 19 2010. Updated on Tue, May 22 2018.
P.O. Box 195651
San Juan, PR 00919-5651
Tels: 787-598-8508, 787-473-2029

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PetroWest Puerto Rico, Inc.
Especializes in products and services to improve the quality performance of companies using petroleum products.
Created on Mon, Jun 23 1997. Updated on Fri, Jun 6 1997.
San Juan, PR

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Israel Meléndez, Jr. & Company
IMC provides Validation, Engineering, Audio, and Creative Consulting. We design and manufacture hi-fi professional audio speakers for PA and home theaters.
Created on Mon, Dec 21 1998. Updated on Sun, Mar 12 2006.
Suite 223
11 Colon Av. Ste. 1
Manatí, PR 00674-4928
Tels: 787-854-2640 Fax: 787-854-3195

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Technology For Energy Conservation !3
Service company providing turnkey, custom-made energy conservation systems.
Created on Mon, Feb 28 2011. Updated on N/A.
P.M.B. 370
1357 Ashford Avenue
San Juan, PR 00907
Tels: 787-691-7802 Fax: 815-425-8867

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Bird Exclusion Systems
Architectural control of pest birds. Materials, equipment and tools to control pest birds. Service and consulting for Latin America.
Created on Thu, Oct 11 2001. Updated on Mon, Jan 21 2013.
P. O. Box 11017
San Juan, PR 00922-1017
Tels: 787-792-4532 Fax: 787-793-2657

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