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CSA Architects & Engineers
Provides integrated architecture, engineering, planning, environmental and construction project management services to industrial, commercial, residential, and institutional clients.
Created on Wed, Nov 13 1996. Updated on Mon, Dec 15 2008.
San Juan, PR

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RFR Builders Inc.
RFR Builders, Inc. is a General Contractor founded in 1999 by partners Raúl Fortuño Ruiz and William Preston Maldonado.
Created on Fri, Feb 7 2014. Updated on Wed, Mar 5 2014.
Condominio Centro de Altamira Suite LCC
Calle Perseo 501
San Juan, PR 00922
Tels: 787-793-3675 Fax: 787-792-5080

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Advanced solutions for Real Estate development: Research, Design, Financing, Marketing & Advertising, Sales, Construction Management, Projects.
Created on Fri, Mar 8 2002. Updated on Mon, Feb 8 2016.
1750 Loiza Street - 1st Floor
PMB. 165 -00911
San Juan, PR 00911
Tels: 787-727-8179 Fax: 787-727-2113

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Rodríguez & Comas Engineering Services ?457
Project Management Services, Inspection, Design, Permitting, Construction, including Commercial and Industrial.
Created on Tue, Apr 6 2010. Updated on Thu, Aug 12 2010.
Sultana Park Calle Tenerife #5
Suite #3
Mayagüez, PR 00680
Tels: 787-342-9095 Fax: 787-254-1022

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raip studio
Architecture. Interior Design. Project Management.
Created on Mon, May 24 2010. Updated on N/A.
26 Emma St.
Amelia Industrial Park
Guaynabo, PR 00968-8007
Tels: 787-999-0921 Fax: 787-277-0921

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Villa Caparra Enterprises !2
Architecture firm located in Guaynabo PR. We design, construct and also provide interior design.
Created on Wed, Jan 21 2015. Updated on N/A.
PMB 679
1353 Ave. Luis Vigoreaux
Guaynabo, PR 00966
Tels: 787-783-8732

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EDK Design Services Inc.
A full service Design and Construction company. We provide Architectural, Interior and Construction services...
Created on Fri, Apr 13 2012. Updated on N/A.
P.O. Box 1079
Vieques, PR
Tels: 787-435-3548 Fax: 501-641-3448

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Our firm provides design services in architecture, engineering and urban planning.
Created on Sat, Dec 3 2005. Updated on Fri, Nov 9 2018.
751 Fernandez Juncos Av.
San Juan, PR 00907-4215
Tels: 787-723-2031, 787-722-5031 Fax: 787-723-7049

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Jayo & Gomez Architects
Architecture & Design firm. Located in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Project photos and plans. Full architectural services from conceptual design to complete working drawings and permits.
Created on Sun, May 17 1998. Updated on Sat, Mar 21 2009.
P.O. Box 20991
Fernandez Juncos Station
San Juan, PR 00910
Tels: 787-726-5315 Fax: 787-268-3031

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Sierra Cardona Ferrer SRL
Architectural Design, Interior Architecture, Master Planning, Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Graphic Design, 2D and 3D Visualization, etc.
Created on Fri, Mar 4 2005. Updated on Fri, Jan 27 2012.
13 Street 2
Metro Office Park
Guaynabo, PR 00968-1712
Tels: 787-781-9090 Fax: 787-781-9095

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Construction Inspectors
Engineers dedicated to inspecting new homes and contract inspections.
Created on Thu, Jan 4 2001. Updated on N/A.
San Juan, PR

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Integra Group
Arquitecture. Civil & Structural Engineering. Construction Management. Digital Mapping.
Created on Sun, Aug 29 2004. Updated on N/A.
9 Vela, Suite 1
Hato Rey
San Juan, PR 00919
Tels: 787-767-2111 Fax: 787-758-7757

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Rivera & Lastra Architects, PSC
Functional and practical architectural design that is sensitive to the environmental, cultural and urban context.
Created on Fri, Jun 15 2007. Updated on Mon, Nov 21 2005.
115 Del Parque St. Gnd. Floor
San Juan, PR 00911
Tels: 787-723-6000 Fax: 787-724-0057

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Arsari Design
Professional technical services for architects, engineers, contractors and developers in construction, accessibility, architecture and related services.
Created on Mon, Mar 3 2003. Updated on Fri, Apr 13 2018.
1216 Ave Americo Miranda Ste 200
Reparto Metropolitano
San Juan, PR 00921-1620
Tels: 1-407-965-2811, 787-602-5496 Fax: 1-407-650-2655

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EliteAtelier.com Facebook Logo Twitter Logo
3D Architectural Renderings, Exterior and Interior, Commercial and Residential, 3D Remodelations, 3D Floorplans, Project Presentations, Existing and New Project Development Renderings, Urbanism Renderings, Graphic Design
Created on Thu, Apr 19 2012. Updated on Wed, Oct 24 2018.
San Juan, PR
Tels: 787-705-8600, 787-632-6001

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McCullough-Domínguez Architects ?180
McCullough-Domínguez Architects is a professional architectural design and consultation firm based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The firm's portfolio includes commercial, hospitality, residential, institutional, industrial and interior design projects.
Created on Wed, Feb 6 2002. Updated on Mon, Jun 6 2011.
San Juan, PR

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Fuster + Partners ?403
Firm that specializes in the design of contemporary/ modern tropical architecture and urban design.
Created on Mon, Apr 11 2005. Updated on Mon, Jun 29 2015.
Suite 3025, Monte Mall
San Juan, PR 00918
Tels: 787- 296-3484 Fax: 787-281-8311

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Fuster + Architects Facebook Logo
An internationally published and award winning firm located in San Juan, Puerto Rico that specializes in the design of contemporary, modern and sustainable projects that sensibly respond to the environment...
Created on Sun, Jun 15 2014. Updated on N/A.
San Juan, PR

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Alvarez‐Diaz & Villalon Updated!
A consulting and design firm, with offices in San Juan, Puerto Rico, which includes architects, engineers and supporting staff.
Created on Thu, Jan 15 2009. Updated on Thu, Nov 29 2018.
P.O. Box 270194
San Juan, PR 00927-0194
Tels: 787-754-1381 Fax: 787-282-6705

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CMA Architects & Engineers
CMA Architects & Engineers is an architectural and engineering firm serving the Caribbean that started its operations in Puerto Rico in 1959. The firm expanded to become the largest in the Caribbean. It was ranked 447 in the 1997 ENR.
Created on Tue, Sep 8 1998. Updated on Sat, Apr 18 2015.
1509 Roosevelt Av.
San Juan, PR 00968
Tels: 787-792-1509 Fax: 787-782-0687

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Colegio de Ingenieros y Agrimensores de Puerto Rico Facebook Logo Updated!
Somos una corporación cuasi-pública sin fines de lucro que se constituyó en el 1938 para agrupar a los profesionales con derecho a ejercer la ingeniería y la agrimensura en el Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico.
Created on Sun, Feb 20 2005. Updated on Mon, Dec 3 2018.
500 Calle Ing. Antolin Nín Martínez
Urb. Roosevelt
San Juan, PR 00918

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ETR Consulting Engineers, PSC
Engineering consulting firm offering civil design, inspection, management and material testing services.
Created on Tue, Mar 6 2012. Updated on Thu, Feb 2 2012.
Condominio Señorial Plaza STE 510
1326 Calle Salud
Ponce, PR 00717
Tels: 787-840-1581, 787-717-5049 Fax: 800-842-0151

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