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Empresas Tamayo
Residential and commercial properties for sale around the Island.
Created on Thu, May 25 2000. Updated on Wed, Apr 16 2014.
P.O. Box 1660
Mayagüez, PR 00681-1660
Tels: 787-834-2800 Fax: 787-265-6940

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Tropical Properties Updated!
Don't let pass the opportunity to have a property in the best island of the Caribbean... Culebra, an island of dreams.
Created on Sat, Mar 5 2005. Updated on Fri, Mar 22 2019.
Box 254
Culebra, PR 00775
Tels: 787-568-1378, 787-398-8635

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Culebra Island Realty
Land/Properties for Sale. Vacation rentals. Zoning information.
Created on Sat, Aug 14 1999. Updated on Fri, Nov 9 2018.
P.O. Box 444
Culebra, PR 00775
Tels: 787-742-0052, 787-742-0227 Fax: 787-742-0227

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TIRI Real Estate
TIRI Real Estate is the foremost realty company in Puerto Rico and the largest in all the Caribbean. For over 30 years we have offered the highest level of professional service.
Created on N/A. Updated on Wed, Apr 2 2014.
9 Camino Alejandrino
Guaynabo, PR 00969
Tels: 787-789-0000 Fax: 787-789-8000

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Coldwell Banker KF Real Estate Facebook Logo ?149
Coldwell Banker is the industry leader in residential, comercial and luxury properties at local, national and international level.
Created on Sun, Mar 9 2014. Updated on Wed, Aug 30 2017.
#530 Constitution Avenue
San Juan, PR 00901
Tels: 787-433-0077 Fax: 1-877-808-1651

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Franciscvs Real Estate Co. & Associates, Inc.
The Franciscus Company consists of Real Estate Services, Construction Services, Consulting, Rental Property Management, Appraisal Services, and complete listing services in the industrial, commercial, and residential markets.
Created on Thu, Feb 17 2000. Updated on Mon, Aug 25 2014.
Ashford Ave. 1501 Suite 23
San Juan, PR 00911
Tels: 787-728-7777 Fax: 787-728-0715

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Vendemos Su Casa.Com
Vendemos Su Casa.Com offers the most complete selection of properties in Puerto Rico. Your one source for selling and / or buying properties in Puerto Rico.
Created on Mon, Jul 17 2000. Updated on Thu, Aug 17 2006.
Calle Alhambra 17-18
Guaynabo, PR 00966
Tels: 787-774-7979, 787-649-1111 Fax: 787-793-7814

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Báez & Associates Real Estate
Baez and Associates Real Estate was established in 1992, providing the consumers in Puerto Rico with the latest in Real Estate services. This service has been successfully brought together with a high degree of professionalism and personal treatment.
Created on Wed, Mar 6 2002. Updated on Mon, Jul 13 2009.
P.O. Box 366928
San Juan, PR 00936-6928
Tels: 787-774-1616

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Tropical Homes Realty Updated!
Your Real Estate Company in Puerto Rico. Contact us to bring you to paradise and fulfill your dreams. The way you want to live.
Created on Thu, Feb 16 2006. Updated on Sat, Mar 23 2019.
Av. Campo Rico GO-8 Local 1
Carolina, PR 00985
Tels: 787-914-6131 Fax: 787-701-0333

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Revista Construcción (El Nuevo Día) Facebook Logo Twitter Logo
Las noticias e información más reciente sobre la banca hipotecaria, bienes raíces, proyectos nuevos, aspectos legales, arquitectura y otros.
Created on Thu, May 14 2009. Updated on N/A.
San Juan, PR

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Habitat Real Estate of PR Facebook Logo Updated!
Jose Roberto Rivera, San Juan, Puerto Rico. For all your San Juan real estate needs and questions on buying or selling a home in San Juan.
Created on Wed, Dec 11 2002. Updated on Sat, Mar 23 2019.
San Juan, PR

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Atlantic Properties Realty
Compra y Venta de propiedades en toda el area oeste: Aguadilla,Isabela, Aguada, Rincón, Quebradillas, Moca, Añasco, San Sebastián, Mayagüez, Cabo Rojo.
Created on Sun, Oct 9 2005. Updated on Sat, Feb 22 2003.
P.O.box 3100
Aguadilla, PR 00605
Tels: 787-447-2757, 787-819-0380

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Bravos Boyz
Real Estate and Property Management. The First and Only Full-Service Real Estate Company on Vieques Island.
Created on Wed, Nov 17 2010. Updated on Thu, Nov 13 2014.
300 North Shore Road
HC-02 Box 11311
Vieques, PR 00765
Tels: 787-741-1463

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Marti Realty Group
Looking for a property in West Coast Puerto Rico? Residential, Commercial, Tourism Related, Agricultural or Industrial. Sales, Rent or Exchages.
Created on Wed, Jan 19 2000. Updated on Sun, Feb 17 2019.
25 Alvarez Quintero St.
Mansiones de España
Mayagüez, PR 00680
Tels: 787-265-3500, 787-805-0611 Fax: 787-265-6121

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Mecena Industrial Properties
Venta de Bienes Raíces. Nos especializamos en Propiedades comerciales e industriales.
Created on Fri, Aug 19 2005. Updated on Sat, Jan 26 2019.
203 Montecillo
Trujillo alto, PR 00976
Tels: 787-203-1330, 787-382-2724

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NPS Real Estate Consultants ?51
Tu mejor alternativa en servicios de bienes raíces, en especial todo lo relacionado con proyectos nuevos.
Created on Sat, Jun 15 2002. Updated on Tue, Jun 21 2016.
Acuarela C-9
Urb. Highland Gardens
Guaynabo, PR 00968
Tels: 787-789-2210 Fax: 787-789-2210

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Mar Realty Group ?162
Bienes raíces para el área oeste de Puerto Rico.
Created on Wed, Apr 7 2004. Updated on Thu, Oct 12 2006.
#123c Base Ramey
Aguadilla, PR 00603
Tels: 787-314-3227

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REMAX Dorado Realty
Renting a home is also important if you do not owe one at this moment and have no plans to buy for now. to make sure you take a step in the right direction, choose the person best qualified to handle your real estate needs REMAX Dorado Realty.
Created on Fri, Oct 6 2000. Updated on Mon, May 16 2011.
Costa de Oro 1B Calle Marginal,
Suite 1 Dorado
Dorado, PR 00646
Tels: 787-278-4896 Fax: 787-278-7878

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One Step Realty
En One Step Realty, usted da Un Solo Paso para comprar o vender su propiedad en Puerto Rico. Lo hacemos todo por usted para que el proceso sea rápido, y agradable.
Created on Tue, Feb 11 2003. Updated on Fri, Oct 2 2009.
San Juan, PR

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T & L Realty Updated!
Real Estate office located in Fajardo. We offer sales, rentals, and property administration on the eastern side of the island.
Created on Sun, May 23 2004. Updated on Fri, Mar 22 2019.
P.O. Box 1054
Fajardo, PR 00738
Tels: 787-863-4419, 787-860-4419

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compraymudate.com Facebook Logo Twitter Logo
compraymudate.com hace de la búsqueda de su nuevo hogar una experiencia sencilla y agradable. Herramientas como el facebook connect, su lista de favoritas, alertas y notificaciones por email podrá tener a la mano toda la información.
Created on Tue, May 3 2011. Updated on N/A.
P.O. Box 3000 suite 065
Coamo, PR 00769
Tels: 787-347-0264

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RinconRealEstateForSale.com Updated!
Search for real estate properties in Rincón, PR. Island West Properties.
Created on Mon, Jun 4 2001. Updated on Sat, Mar 23 2019.
P.O. Box 700
Carr. 413, Km 0.7
Rincón, PR 00677-0700
United States
Tels: 787-823-2323 Fax: 787-823-3254

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Value Added Updated!
Established in 2004, Value AddedÂ’s mission remains the same- to passionately serve the commercial real estate market with excellent products and services.
Created on Thu, Dec 27 2007. Updated on Sat, Mar 23 2019.
860 Ashford Ave. Suite 2D
San Juan, PR 00907
Tels: 787-977-6600 Fax: 787-725-1519

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Yordan Realty Updated!
Yordán Realty has been established since 1982. Our experienced group of licensed Real Estate Agents are willing to help you buy, sell or rent your HOME, as well as any commercial investment property.
Created on Thu, Sep 25 1997. Updated on Thu, Mar 21 2019.
Martinez Nadal #67 Suite 101
P.O. Box 1524
Mayagüez, PR 00680
United States
Tels: 787-833-1700 Fax: 787-265-4605

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Centro Casas Facebook Logo Twitter Logo
Puerto Rico's Auction & Real Estate Company.
Created on Sat, Apr 15 2000. Updated on Sat, Oct 13 2018.
San Juan, PR
Tels: 787-287-0100

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Tierra Nueva Bienes Raices
Compra, venta y alquiler de propiedades residenciales y comerciales. Vea nuestras propiedades "online"
Created on Sun, Jan 2 2000. Updated on Wed, Oct 10 2018.
San Juan, PR

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San Juan Board of Realtors, Inc.
To create professionals of excellence in the field of Real Estate and to provide extended education programs to these professionals, promoting efficiency and professionalism...
Created on Mon, Oct 13 1997. Updated on Thu, Feb 15 2007.
San Juan, PR
Tels: 787-783-4242

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Go Port Realty Updated!
Professional Real Estate Services! Buying, Selling or Renting, we can help you! Specializing in northwest coast properties.
Created on Thu, May 3 2007. Updated on Fri, Mar 22 2019.
Isabela, PR 00662
Tels: 787-431-0656, 787-560-8429 Fax: 787-872-1951

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Real Estate Development and Financing Consultant
Over 20 years of experience.
Created on Mon, Aug 12 1996. Updated on Fri, Jan 17 1997.
San Juan, PR

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Extra Realty, Inc. Updated!
Residential and Commercial Real Estates in Puerto Rico. We can sell your home the fastest and for the most amount. Ask for a FREE, without any obligations Marketing Presentation. Specializing on Relocation Services for Federal Employees.
Created on Thu, Nov 10 2005. Updated on Sat, Mar 23 2019.
130 Winston Churchill Ave.
PMB 329 - Suite 1
San Juan, PR 00926
Tels: 787-281-7897, 787-593-0567 Fax: 787-765-9752

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Tierra del Sol
Tierra del Sol Realtors, Puerto Rico Real Estate Agents. We Do It Best.
Created on Wed, Apr 14 2004. Updated on N/A.
San Juan, PR

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Power Holdings Realty Group ?225
Power Holdings Realty Group. Listings, Investors, Mortgage Programs, Seminars and more.
Created on Fri, Jan 4 2008. Updated on Thu, Oct 15 2015.
P.O. Box 68
Caguas, PR 00726
Tels: 787-676-4444 Fax: 787-743-5717

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